In the Moment

Almost every picture I have posted in the last few years has been an iPhone picture. And I use Moment Lens accessories to get more dramatic views and angles.

The WIDE LENS (18mm) is the one I like the best — but I also have the SUPER FISHEYE, and the TELE. The WIDE is a very nice lens, and super convenient.

With mobile phone cameras getting so much better, and with quality accessory lenses such as the Moment system, I have found that I can be more “in the moment” and get the shots I want without the need for traditional bulky cameras.

Already connected to the Internet and containing all of the post processing software that I could want, the phone’s camera is the perfect tool to carry and capture the sights I see. It’s a total photo system, right in my pocket. Amazing.

A well known photographer and camera gear reviewer who I follow (Ken Rockwell) is frequently asked by his readers, “what’s the best camera?”

His answer: “The one you have with you.” Just get the shot and capture the moment.

Insta-Ken agrees.